Writing an essay about identity, you must follow a certain algorithm

  1. Carefully read and analyze all the proposed personal statement writing.
  2. Choose the most suitable topic. When choosing the statement about identity, we advise you to take into account the following aspects:
    • When you order essay, you must use the knowledge of social science (such as terms and theoretical provisions). Therefore, it is quite difficult to qualitatively complete the task with the content you don’t understand. You must know the theory and handle the concepts on this topic, have personal experience or be able to give examples from the social life or history.
    • It is very important that the chosen topic is linked to the proposed context of its disclosure. It may be that the student can reveal the sense of statement in the sociological context, but the given context is economic. Or else, he/she thinks that some statement can be explained within the political science, while it really has the jurisprudential context.
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    • It is essential that your essay is logical. Essay implies the logically coherent discourse, whose conclusion contains the certain conclusions. Therefore, if you find it difficult to create such a logical framework for your essay, you should think about choosing the other statement.
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  4. Define the main point of the statement. To that end, it is important to establish the thematic link between the statement and the social studies.
  5. Find the theory on this topic about identity. Determine which terms you will use and which theoretical provisions you must disclose.
  6. Decide whether you’re agreed with the statement and draft the pros and cons.
  7. For every argument, find the examples, facts from the social life, history and/or personal experience (but only the real facts, and not the abstract thinking, which is one of the typical mistakes in writing essay about identity).
  8. Check out if there is a logical link between the parts of essay.
  9. Formulate a general conclusion.

Thus, your essay must have the following composition:

  1. Introduction. You must briefly outline the relevance of the problem and rephrase the statement in your own words (The sense of this statement is that…)
  2. Main part. You must agree with the statement or disprove it, arguing your point of view. You can start with “I agree/ I don’t agree”
  3. Work with the thesis on the following plan:
    1. Express your view (I think that…) or rhetorical question (Have you ever thought of…?)
    2. State the reasons (because…)
    3. Provide the arguments (it can be confirmed by the following examples…)
    4. Establish the links (in this regard…)
  4. Make the conclusion that must contain the brief summary of the idea. You can also link the findings to the future of the country, world or society.

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