How to Write my essay about Facebook?

In our time, different contents include such task as writing essay on the chosen topic, This seemingly simple task puzzle many people. Let’s figure out how to order essay online.

Essay is a small prosaic paper with free composition, expressing your own impressions and thoughts on specific matter and question, that doesn’t include comprehensive interpretation of the subject. Or You can get ghostwriters help online now.

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Choose a narrow topic or question for essay. If you choose the topic of social networks (such as Facebook), don’t try to provide an analysis/interpretation of the subject; try to convey your thoughts and feelings, as it’s the subjective interpretation and your attitude towards this social network that matters. Essay as a genre is characterized by aiming for the sincerity and speaking intonation.

Who can write my essay about Facebook?

As for the formal requirements, we should note only the presence of title. The internal structure can be arbitrary. We recommend the approximate structure for the beginners:

  1. introduction – it defines the problem
  2. main part – it includes the comments:
    • thesis, arguments
    • thesis, arguments
    • thesis, arguments
  3. conclusion –it summarizes and contains the conclusion

Start with the main idea or bright phrase, paradox or comparative allegory. You must immediately draw the reader’s attention and surprise him/her. Use the basic statements to express your opinion:

  • We cannot but agree with the author that…
  • It is difficult to disagree with the author’s view of the problem…
  • In my opinion, the urgency of this problem is that …
  • I think that the author is not right affirming that…
  • In my view, the author wrongly assesses (what)…
  • I agree with the author’s view…
  • I share the author’s view …
  • The author’s position resonates with me…

General tips on essay writing about Facebook

Use the following arguments to substantiate your claims:

  1. Logical
    • Facts.
    • Research findings (theories, hypotheses, axioms, etc.).
    • Statistics (quantitative indicators of productive and community development).
    • Laws of nature.
    • Legal provisions or official documents.
    • Experimental data and forensic evidences.
    • Eyewitness testimony.
  2. Illustrative
    • Certain example from the real life that describes the real case.
    • Assumptive example (it describes what could have happened under certain conditions).
  3. Reference to the authority
    • The opinion of the famous person – scientist, philosopher, public figure, etc.
    • Quote from the authoritative sources.
    • Professional and expert opinion.
    • Testimony of witnesses.
    • Public opinion that reflects how to write, act and appreciate something in the society.

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Emotionality, expressiveness and artistry provide short and simple sentences with different intonation and a skillful use of dash.

The volume of essay is 2-7 pages of printed text. You can buy essay about Facebook and order literature review here.