Can someone write my essay on advertising?

Essay is one of the most common forms of creative homework, written test on the some subject or part of control work.

There are two most common misconceptions about writing essay about advertising.

Students often consider essay only as a way to express their own views, impressions on the proposed topic. Moreover, they believe that main (or even single) characteristics of the essay are sincerity and directness. Another common mistake is to see essay as a brief summary of materials on the topic, or even a simple rewriting of the “proper” piece of text. Write my essay to order essay online, you must understand the peculiarities of this genre.

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The most important components of essay are the author’s feelings and reflections on what he/she has read or heard and his/her strong position. Open composition, individual style and language, imagery, paradoxicality, aphoristic character and unusual view of some problem are the main peculiarities of essay. Essay is characterized by the use of different means of artistic expression– metaphor, allegories, symbols and comparisons. To transfer his/her own original view of the problem, the author resorts to the analogies, draws parallels and use different (sometimes unexpected) associations.

It should not be thought, however, that the essay is an uncontrolled “stream of consciousness”. The open composition of essay about advertising must have its own inner logic.

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Writing essay on the certain subject implies, first of all, the knowledge of the study subject in general, and particularly the matter of reflection. No matter how original the student thinks and how bright his/her literature talent is, he/she can’t write the informative and credible essay if he/she has no idea about the patterns of development of science and the basic concepts of its dynamics.

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However, the personal attitude to the proposed topic and the knowledge of material is not enough. You must also be able to analyze the certain phenomenon in the in the broad cultural-historical context.

The quality of essay about advertising depends on the following important components:

  • understanding and clear formulation of essay problem;
  • knowledge in this problem area, general culture awareness;
  • quality of processing and organization of the material used, composition and logic of essay construction;
  • presence of author’s position and interpretation;
  • level of argumentation, its credibility, as well as the compliance with the problem and the author’s position about it;
  • style and language of presentation.

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